Definitely we are not the oldest, but we are seeking to become the best

Ramzan Mohammed   
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Decoration Technician

With Abu Hamza you doesn't feel that you are the trainee and he is the instructor, but you feel by his care & advices that he is the big brother..

Jaffin M.S   
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Branch Incharge

I didn’t have to worry always about daily training appointment, because of prior massaging service by Abu Hamza has relax me so much..

Jamal Mohammed Abouelsoud   
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Teacher of Chemistry

I trained by more than one instructor, but I benefited in twenty days with Abu Hamza which I didn’t with the others in a year..

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Mechanical Engineer

I always feel driving is impossible thing but Abu Hamza an excellent way of training which stemming from heart made driving one of the most loved thing to my heart..

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Decoration Technician

I already expected the training would be fun with Abu Hamza because his reputation that precede his presence, but actually I'm still impressed by his character..

Ghazanfar Abbas   
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Light – Plant – Shovel Driver

Since I was a driver before I start driving training, Abu Hamza was often surprised me by information which did not passed by me..

Faheem Naseeb   
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Civil Engineer

I faced an emergency conditions , but the big heart – Abu Hamza – sacrificed by his weekly vacation to complete my training, truly he is un repeated person..

Mohammed Saad   
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Teacher of Chemistry

My relationship with Abu Hamza briefly and I say (may brother of you wasn’t born by your mother)..

Mohammed Mushtaq   
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I learned with Abu Hamza techniques & skills I will never forget as long as I'm a live, I learned the driving doesn't means only the ability to arrive somewhere..

Mueen Ghalib   
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Gold Jewelry Salesman

I had deducted from daily training time to drink tea with Abu Hamza, and this memories that so hard to forget..

Naveen Kumar   
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Sales Officer

My relationship with Abu Hamza was not (Clint) but (dear friend) and still our relationship continues to this day..

Waheed Younis   
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I have many friends trine with others, but they often return to me if they disagreed on some thin, really it's a honor to train with Abu Hamza.

Ibrahim Mohammed Zaki   
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Physical Therapy Specialist

We used to spend with Abu Hamza a beautiful times, so we were waiting training time impatiently.

Maqsood Ahmed   
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Frilly Talk
Training stage with Abu Hamza is one of the most beautiful stage that I have been through in my life and that the heart longs for it.

Ahmad Mohammed Al yafei   
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Gold Jewelry Salesman

Since I start training from zero level, I impressed by Abu Hamza calm and patience to my many questions and his quiet reaction for my mistakes..

Abu Hamza welcomes you in Abu Hamza driving school and declare Their free services that distinguish his school from other schools:

  • Service of free booklet
  • Service of opening the hood
  • Service of arrival at your place
  • Service of learning without vehicle
  • Service of learning by your language
  • Service of learning how changing wheel
  • Service of getting the driving learning permit
  • Service of certificate after getting the driving licence
  • Service of explanation by the diagram and the pictures
  • Service of learning and offering the test by/in the same vehicle
  • Service of information that you need after getting the driving licence